By 2030 Umzumbe will be economically viable, enjoying tourism, heritage and agri-cultural benefits.


The municipality is dedicated to promote people-centred development, acceleration of service delivery and sustain-able local economic develop-ment.  

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Welcome to Umzumbe

Umzumbe Local Municipality boasts with numerous development opportunities available to people of Umzumbe and outside investors. The municipality precinct runs along the coastal strip of the Indian Ocean between uMthwalume and Mfazazana. This area is a window of opportunity to the local community of Umzumbe and potential interested investors. The sea shore offers a wealth of opportunities for people with interest in fishery activities, leisure, water sport etc.

Umzumbe Municipality is a hive of activities which include tourism, heritage and agricultural produce. The dramatic eye pleasing scenery of Umzumbe Municipality showing off its imposing mountains with natural architectural design with winding rivers cutting across these mountains. All this beauty is overlaid by well cultivated forestry offering sound eco-tourism.

Umzumbe Municipality has placed tourism on top of the agenda. There are currently two tourism sites that are open to the public namely Ntelezi Msani Memorial Project and Isivivane sikaShaka tourism Site. Ntelezi Msani Memorial Project has been identified by the municipality as the tourism flagship project that seeks to highlight and commemorate the role participation and effect of the Bhambatha Rebelion of 1906 at the Greater uGu and uMthwalume area. Ntelezi Msani Memoral Project honors the unsung heroes of the 1906 Poll Tax uprising that were led by Ntelezi Khulekani Msani.

Isivivane sikaShaka is a heap of stones that traces the journey of the last expedition by King Shaka Zulu in May 1828.   Isivivane Sika-Shaka is one of the sites that are traced as the Zulu warriors camping site during the expedition of King Shaka Zulu to bring back the Zulus who escaped during his leadership. King Shaka and warriors laid a heap of stones before camping. This was to prove route and for other generations. Both these sites will go a long way unlocking the tourism potential and further transformation of the heritage sector in the District.

From Left: Deputy Mayor Cllr MPL Zungu, His Worship the Mayor Cllr SR Ngcobo and Speaker Cllr MP Shozi