By 2030 Umzumbe will be economically viable, enjoying tourism, heritage and agri-cultural benefits.


The municipality is dedicated to promote people-centred development, acceleration of service delivery and sustain-able local economic develop-ment.  

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MDB 4 Traditional Healers Forum launched  

The launch of the Umzumbe Municipality Traditional Healers Forum (THF) in March 2015 signaled the advancements and cementing of new beginnings especially in the fight against HIV/Aids.  The Municipality invited traditional healers from all wards of the Municipality to be part of this structure. Speaking at the launch, Special Programmes Manager, Mr Ntokozo Khomo, said “We had to ensure that all wards are represented in this structure.” He added this structure was amongst the few structures that were still outstanding that had to be launched, “Thou the Municipality has a long standing relationship with traditional healers, what was left was to launch an official structure to sit in the municipality and advise on traditional healing matters.”

This structure will be working closely with the Local Aids Council of the Municipality. They will discuss all the legislative framework affecting the health in country.  It will assist in putting together traditional healers from their own localities to ensure that they send government messages that affect traditional healers. Also, the structure will assist during awareness creation on health and healing matters.  THF will seat monthly to ensure that they keep each other informed about the developments in their communities. They will also ensure that they advise each other and spread the message of health to all other traditional healers in the wards.

The THF will work closely with other structures that already exist in the municipality and government departments such as the Department of Health, South African Police Services, department of education and the Correctional Services and NGOs. As elected during the elective meeting. In her maiden speech, the new Chairperson of Traditional Healers Forum Bhengu said, “We need to familiarize ourselves with the laws and acts governing traditional healers. We must assist government in the work they do, we know that government was not there during our initiation but we have to work together. "

The structure was elected as follows:

T J Bhengu ward 18 Chairperson

M P Ngcobo ward 09 Deputy Chairperson

B D Mntambo ward 12 Secretary

N V Gilili ward 10 Deputy Secretary

R Z Bhengu ward 13 Convener

B Khoza  ward 08 Additional Member

D D Radebe ward 06 Additional Member

M D Ngcobese ward 11 Additional Member

P Botes  ward 03 Additional Member