By 2030 Umzumbe will be economically viable, enjoying tourism, heritage and agri-cultural benefits.


The municipality is dedicated to promote people-centred development, acceleration of service delivery and sustain-able local economic develop-ment.  

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MDB 4 Community Facilities Program  

Social and Economic Development was assigned to recruit 10 caretakers to fulfil the task given to them as well as managing. The caretakers are required to open and close the Halls for occasional hirers as required both during the week and at weekends.

General cleaning duties are carried out during the week at times to fit in with the day to day use of the Hall.  Further cleaning are also required at the weekend following Friday and Saturday night bookings depending on the condition in which the Halls have been left. The hours worked are flexible, consistent with the day to day use of the Halls.

Responsibilities include cleaning and servicing on a regular, planned, basis and to a high standard, the facilities and floors of each Hall. To ensure that the building remains tidy and that all furniture and equipment is appropriately stored after use. To monitor stocks of cleaning supplies and other consumables and to advise the Community Development Officer to ensure that they are replenished in good time.  

Setting-up to assist with the setting out and subsequent removal and securing after use, of chairs, tables and other equipment provided in the Halls.  To adjust systems and services within the Hall as and when required with particular regard to. Testing the fire system on a weekly basis and recording the results thereof.

Supervision of Premises involves to monitor the activities in the Hall to ensure that hirers comply with the Hall`s Conditions of Hire and other statutory requirements. To open and close the Hall at times appropriate to the booking schedule and to secure the premises when the Hall is not in use. To retain custody of the keys to the building.  Keys may only be loaned/provided to hirers or other third parties with the express permission of the Umzumbe Municipality.

The following are the names of Community facilities and wards where such facilities are located:

1.   Esbanini Community Hall in ward 10

2.   Mnafu Community Hall in ward 19

3.   Ward 17 MPCC in ward 17

4.   Nogoduka Hall Hall in ward 9

5.   Nyavini MPCC in ward 8

6.   Mehlomnyana Community Hall in ward 5

7.   St Faiths Community Hall in ward 6

8.   Ndumakude Community Hall in ward 13

9.   Bhanoyi Community Hall in ward 7

10. Ward 15 Skills centre in ward 15

When a community member is in a process of hiring the hall for any particular usage, an amount of R300 for hiring per day and a R200 refundable is also required. The R300 is paid in the finance department and further obtain a receipt confirming the payment. When the period scheduled for booking is exceeding a period of a day, the municipality has a discretion to charge the hirer an amount seen to be suitable.

The 9 out of 10 community facilities are secured in terms of the installation of burglar guards and other required resources that improved their conditions. The community facilities are now secured, the access into these structures is in controlled. The caretakers are ensuring that there is no in and out of the facilities without any permission. This project has managed to revived the culture of responsibility among the community members.

The project has financially costed the municipality R690 000, and R500 000 has also been allocated to the purchase of chairs and tables. Isibanini Community Hall played an example whereby folded chairs and tables have been purchased as the facilities is rated as the busiest hall in Umzumbe Local municipality. The primary intention of Umzumbe Local Municipality is to ensure that at the end the day, all community facilities in 19 wards are fully secured, connected and the process for booking is similar to hinder the vandalism.