By 2030 Umzumbe will be economically viable, enjoying tourism, heritage and agri-cultural benefits.


The municipality is dedicated to promote people-centred development, acceleration of service delivery and sustain-able local economic develop-ment.  

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Umzumbe honours heroes

UMZUMBE Municipality honoured the unsung heroes of the 1906 Poll Tax uprisings that were led by Ntelezi KaKhukhulela Msani, in Mthwaslume, at Mjahweni.  The municipality held a memorial event on Saturday, April 20, 2013, at Mjahweni, in commemoration of Ntelezi Msani.

Ntelezi was tried by the Kangaroo court chaired by Mckenzie on 20 March 1906 at Emjahweni near Mpande Bottle Store in Mthwalume. He was sentenced to death which was receded to fifteen years of hard labour and was exiled to St Helena. This was the last day he was seen on the South African Soil. He died of a controversial illness and was buried in St Helena in 1910.

The memorial event which was blended with cultural activities such traditional dance, music, and ritual activities performed by the families, has proven to be a huge success. The Mayor of Umzumbe municipality, His Worship, Cllr Sydney Gumede officially informed the people of Umzumbe that Ntelezi Msani Memorial Project has been identified by the Municipality as the tourism flagship programme.

“As the municipality we acknowledge and highly applaud the role and participation of Ntelezi KaKhukhulela Msani and other heroes in the Bhambatha rebellion.  It is in this regard that the municipality resolved on honouring the heroes of the 1906 Poll Tax through Ntelezi Msani Memorial Project which will serve as the historical testimonial for the next generation. The project will contribute in unlocking the tourism potential and further transform the heritage sector in the District,” said the Mayor.

The research has revealed that Umzumbe area is rich on tourism, heritage and culture. Tourism sites such as Isivivane sikaShaka, Itshe likaMaria, Shembe and the great Ntelezi Msani Memorial project, seem to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Umzumbe will soon be economically viable through tourism, heritage and culture.  Nationally, tourism is the key economic drive; this will be the case with Umzumbe as the municipality upholds tourism development at heart.

Seated on the left, is the Mayor of Umzumbe, His Worship, Cllr S.T. Gumede (left) and uGu deputy Mayor, Cllr M. Chiliza at Ntelezi Msani Memorial event, held at eMjahweni, in Ward-10.