By 2030 Umzumbe will be economically viable, enjoying tourism, heritage and agri-cultural benefits.


The municipality is dedicated to promote people-centred development, acceleration of service delivery and sustain-able local economic develop-ment.  

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THE Council of uMzumbe Municipality adopted a Final Budget and Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for the financial year 2013/2014, tabled to them by the Mayor, His Worship, Cllr S.T. Gumede. The council sitting was held on Tuesday, 21st May 2013, at uMzumbe Council Chamber, where Councillors agreed collectively that the tabled Budget and IDP will emancipate service delivery plans to the next level higher than what has been achieved in the previous financial year.

Tabling the budget, the Mayor confirms that, both budget and IDP documents comply with all legal requirements stipulated by the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) and Municipal Systems Act (MSA). Umzumbe total budge for the for the financial year 2013/2014 is R 143,161,557.00, which is subdivided as follows

Through government grants, the municipality has an income budget of R 137,274,000.00.

This total budget includes grants such as:

Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG)                                  - R 31,189,000

Equitable share                                                                           - R 94,545,000

Municipal Systems Improvement Grant (MSIG)                 - R      890,000

Local Government Financial Management Grant (FMG) - R   1,650,000

As well as the Rural Household Grant                                   - R   4,000,000  

Integrated National Electrification Programme                - R   5,000,000

Tallying to this total budget, the also municipality projected an income of R 1,600,000 through interests from investments, R 4,157,557 to be obtained through our rate income, and further R 130,000,00 to be collected through municipal tender sales.

From the total budget uMzumbe has allocated a capital budget of R 44,269,000.00 a budget which will be utilized for infrastructure services such as: construction of new roads, housing projects, upgrading of sports fields, purchasing of new plant for maintenance of existing roads infrastructure, just to name  a few.   Also included in this budget is an allocation for Ntelezi Msani Project, which is one of our key tourism projects.

The remaining R 98,892,557.00 has been set aside as an operational budget.   Through this allocation the municipality has a clear programme of action the year 2013/2014 which includes poverty alleviation projects, special programmes such as HIV and AIDS, youth programmes, ward committee programmes, waste management programme, as well as other operational activities such as payment of salaries and maintenance of existing assets.  We have set aside a portion in this budget to cater for maintenance of roads as we know how badly damaged our roads are at the moment.

Umzumbe Mayor, His Worship, Cllr S.T. Gumede

Umzumbe Budget and IDP finalized